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LAW 2019, Cardiff
September 10th, 11th

LAW 2019, Leeds
September 17th, 18th

LAW 2019, Glasgow
September 24th, 25th

LAWBizTech Birmingham
October 1st, 2nd

LAW 2019, Manchester
October 9th, 10th

LAW 2019, Norwich
October 15th, 16th

LAWBizTech London
October 22nd, 23rd

LAW 2019, Belfast
November 5th, 6th

LAW 2019, Dublin
November 12th, 13th

LAW2020, Birmingham
February 25th - 26th

LAW2020, Leeds
March 3rd - 4th

LAW2020, Peterborough
March 10th - 11th

LAW2020, Manchester
May 12th - 13th

LAW2020, Southampton
May 19th - 20th

LAW2020, Bristol
June 9th - 10th

LAW2020, Plymouth
June 16th - 17th

LAW2020, Cardiff
Sept 8th-9th

LAW2020, London
Sept 22nd - 23rd

LAW2020, Norwich
Oct 13th - 14th

LAW2020, Sheffield
Oct 20th - 21st

LAW2020, Manchester
Oct 27th - 28th

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