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Hello and welcome to the latest edition of the LAWBizTech E-Bulletin. This is a completely free source of news and features regarding the latest issues in legal technology and law firm management, which you will receive on a bi-monthly basis. To find out about the upcoming LAWBizTech event in London, please visit our website here. To explore the other services offered by the SOLICITORS group, click here.

Professional indemnity insurance: cyber crime, data breaches and PII
Modern ways of working make cyber crime an ever-present threat, attracting increasingly sophisticated means of attack. As the use and storage of personal data become a central part of contemporary living and working, law firms increasingly face the prospect of a serious data breach... More…
Legal Technology Conference 2015: have you booked your place?
Information technology in legal practice has never been as critical as it is today. That’s why the SOLICITORS group has launched LAW BizTech with The Legal Technology 2015 Conferences… More...
Guarding against scams: risks, responsibilities and remedies
It terribly easy to think of those falling victims to scams as individuals falling for the old ‘Nigerian email’ trick. As recent news has shown, law firms are no more proof against financial scams than any other institution, and may find themselves particularly targeted by criminals keen to secure access to client information – and client money. More…
Outsourcing: protecting your firm
Outsourcing is rapidly becoming the norm in legal practice, whether it’s outsourcing administrative services, data storing in ‘the cloud’ or standardised legal work – but is your firm protected against the risks? More…
YouTube: a valid platform for lawyers?
When it comes to using social media as a platform for building a reputation, law firms are increasingly savvy. It’s rare to find any law firm without its own Twitter account, and many have branched out to Facebook, Google Plus and blogging. More…
Conveyancing and Technology: has the Land Registry caught up – at last?
The Land Registry has been considering e-conveyancing for decades but it never quite happened.  So how is the LR advancing its technical capabilities to drive forward an efficient service for property lawyers today? More…
Electronic Signatures: are ‘wet’ signatures nearly history?
If you are just beginning to build your firm’s Twitter presence, finding appropriate accounts to follow is all part of the fun. More…
The Best of…. the Technology Law Blogs
Few areas of law are quite so fast-changing as the law surrounding technology. With tech across all industries developing at startling speed, the law is challenged to keep pace. Fortunately, bloggers both domestic and overseas aim to keep lawyers ahead of the tech law curve.  More…
Cyber Essentials & Cyber Insurance – Prevention & Cure
Imagine how a business would cope if they were no longer able to access their data or communicate, or if their data were copied, stolen, or corrupted or if a malicious third party took control of their systems. How would they respond? How would they restore their systems & data? What would be the reputational damage? What regulations or contracts will have been breached? How much would this cost? Would the business survive? More…
How to Move to the Cloud with Office 365
Moving to the cloud is becoming more attractive to SMEs who are looking to maximise their productivity. You can make the move by purchasing a licence for Office 365, which is really a relatively simple process...More…
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