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Hello and welcome to the latest edition of the LAWBizTech
E-Bulletin. This is a completely free source of news and features regarding the latest issues in legal technology and law firm management, which you will receive on a bi-monthly basis. To find out about the upcoming
LAWBizTech event in London, please visit our website here. To explore the other services offered by the SOLICITORS group, click here.

Data Security
As a lawyer, you are your law firm’s greatest vulnerability – along with your colleagues.  This is because the majority of data security breaches are, apparently, due to human error.  So what can firms do when it is the human component within law firms that present the biggest risk to data protection? More… 
Legal Technology Conference 2015: have you booked your place?
Information technology in legal practice has never been as critical as it is today. That’s why the SOLICITORS group has launched LAW BizTech with The Legal Technology 2015 Conferences… More...
Cyber-Security in the Legal Marketplace: does your firm have a ‘defensive shield’?
Most firms are acutely aware of the need to implement an effective cyber-security strategy that protects the firm, their reputation - and their clients. But mere awareness is insufficient: true protection can only come from a thorough understanding of both the risks and the legal framework, and a fully integrated strategy. More… 
Top Tips on Putting Voice in the Cloud
As the trend of mergers and acquisitions in the legal industry continues, companies are faced with integrating different technologies and phone systems. Those legal firms that leverage IT to swiftly and efficiently streamline operations are quickly gaining competitive advantage. More… 
Electronic Communications: guidance and compliance for law firms
Law firms must ensure they satisfy legal and regulatory requirements relating to the information contained in their publicity material and communications– and electronic communications are no exception.  Updated Law Society guidance will help law firms comply with SRA requirements in light of their internet presence and digital communications. More… 
Is Twitter for You? How to make Twitter work for your firm
Tempted by Twitter’s ability to help firms share information globally, and react with lightning speed to news and events, more and more law firms are setting up Twitter accounts. In fact, firms failing to engage with Twitter risk seeming disengaged. More… 
Twitter: the best Twitter accounts to follow
If you are just beginning to build your firm’s Twitter presence, finding appropriate accounts to follow is all part of the fun. More…
Bring Your Own Devices: are you managing the risks?
Lawyers and other staff within a law firm are rarely without a mobile phone somewhere upon their person, along with another mobile device (or two).  So what are the risks associated with Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), and what should firms do to mitigate the risks?  More… 
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