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Commercial property: revised CON29 and CON290

Property forms of enquiries CON 29 and CON290 are to be updated to take into account recent changes in law and practice.


New Environmental Reports Launched by Future Climate Info

Future Climate Info Ltd launches a brand new and innovative suite of Environmental Reports. These new reports analyse data in the categories of Environmental (including Contaminated Land), Flood, Ground Stability and Energy & Infrastructure and are divided into three products; Essential, Standard and Premium.


I Just Want the Lowest Price!

It can be a real struggle to know how best to deal with clients and prospective clients who at least outwardly eschew all attempts to develop a relationship, add value and differentiate the offering and who simply tell you that you are either the lowest bidder or they’re ‘out on the street’.


Cloud Computing

Many law firms are moving to Cloud Computing. Although Cloud Computing has a number of advantages, it also carries risks which law firms should consider in such areas as outsourcing, data protection and information management.


Signed, sealed, delivered…unless I’m out of the office

How you can easily receive and sign important legal documents on the go

In business and in life we are more connected than any time before - and it has become more and more important to be able to be available to address issues in a timely and efficient way


Children in International Family Breakdown –EU care proceedings and Hague Convention cases

How will the courts approach care proceedings involving other EU jurisdictions, and Hague Convention proceedings, against the background of an increase in cases?


Disabled employers: are you making reasonable adjustments?

How are the courts interpreting ‘reasonable adjustments’ for disabled workers? There have been a number of notable cases on this issue and employers are advised to keep abreast of continuing developments.

Litigants in Person – bound by the rules?

A recent ruling dealt a blow to a litigant in person (LIP) who tried to avoid the requirements of the civil court rules in a child maintenance case, with important lessons for practitioners and LIPs alike.


Litigation funding: Are Damages Based Agreements fit for purpose?

How limited are Damages Based Agreements in litigation funding for clients and are revisions to the Regulations necessary?


Best Beach Reads for Lawyers

Summer holidays beckon, and from chi-chi yurts in boutique Dorset camping spots to villas in Tuscany, poolside deckchairs and shady picnic blankets are awaiting lazy afternoons with a good book.


Blog Round-Up Part 5: Our pick of international legal blogs

Law blog devotees will know the internet provides an ever-changing smorgasbord of legal diversions, from in-depth analysis of the minutiae of legislation to irreverent commentary on the daily life of the lawyer. Attempts to pick the best of the law blogs the world over are a little like painting the Forth Bridge: no sooner have you captured the cream of the crop, another batch appears, begging to be read.


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