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The Property Sector – What will 2014 Bring?

Last year saw important legislation including the Growth and Infrastructure Act 2013 and the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act 2013 - as well as a range of cases of significance to property lawyers. But what does 2014 have in store?


Stressed Out: Protecting Your Staff

Does your firm have proper strategies in place to guard against workplace stress? With a surveying millions of workers cite stress as reasons for sick leave, we look at firms’ responsibilities towards staff, and strategies for minimising absences.


The New Retention/Destruction Regime

The issue of whether or not the police should be allowed to retain the samples of suspects who were never charged and of defendants who were acquitted at trial has rumbled on for many years.


The Best Law Blogs: Are You Missing Out? (Part 2)

Whether in a pre-Christmas frenzy or inching through the dark days after the tinsel glow has faded, we can all be forgiven for turning away from the toppling ‘to do’ pile and seeking a little light relief – and the wealth of law blogs on offer is the perfect diversion.

Personal Injury - Quantum

How are the courts quantifying loss of earnings and child care costs, particularly where the claimant is a high earning individual?


Practice and Procedure: Supervision of Unqualified Staff

Are your unqualified fee earners adequately supervised? Law firm partners are urged to review their practices and procedures in light of continued developments in legal practice – and the decision in Maitry


Losing Your Voice: Telephone Communications Survey

Is your firm missing out on new clients because of its telephone communications strategy?
We look at the findings of a recent survey which suggests law firms are losing out by failing to implement effective telephone processes in ‘an epidemic of missed business opportunities.


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